Weekly Wrap-Up! – May 31, 2024

System Spotlight

By Staff

Library Leadership Group Awarded FoKL Challenge Grant

Hamilton County Library Leadership Group (LLG) has been awarded a $500 Challenge Grant from the Friends of Kansas Libraries (FoKL). The grant will be used to purchase appliances to for the kitchenette in the library’s new Program Room.

In the fall, senior LLG member, Kerrigan Baker, asked Amy to please let her know about any “extra” activities should could do through the organization. When FoKL announced their grant in January, Amy approached Kerrigan to co-write the grant. “I felt it would be a great learning opportunity for Kerrigan and a great addition to her resume.” Kerrigan jumped on board and sat in on a Friday morning Zoom where FoKL board members shared what they were looking for in a successful grant application. Then the work began. Kerrigan, along with Amy, completed the grant by the April 15 deadline. The grant outlines how LLG would be contributing funds for the appliances in the Program Room. It focused on how the ability to cook and serve food on-site will enrich the library’s current programs for youth and adults, as well as provide new opportunities for creative food and cooking programs. One program in particular that LLG members are excited about is a dining etiquette workshop.

            “I am really proud of Kerrigan for stepping outside of her comfort zone and putting her name on this grant with me. It really shows the difference LLG can make at our library and in the community.”

FoKL is a state-wide organization that provides encouragement and support to new and existing local Friends groups, facilitates the exchange of useful information among organizations of Friends, and advocates for excellent library services. Library Leadership Group is the only teen friends of the library group in the state and the group has been a member of FoKL since 2013. They were awarded a Challenge Grant that year to assist with the teen room renovation.

Future Dates & Training Opportunities (All Times in CST)

June 4th – 1 PM – Audiobooks for Youth (Booklist webinar)/Register Here

June 5th – 1 PM – Inside Outreach: Transformative Strategies to Overcome Service Barriers Webinar/Register Here

June 6th – 3 PM – 4:30 PM – Supporting Domestic and Sexual Assault Survivors at Your Library Webinar/Register Here

June 12th – 11 AM – Yodeck Simplifed with Chris Dressler (Zoom)/Register Here

June 14th – 11 AM – Idea Lab: Impact of Net Neutrality on Library Services Webinar/Register Here

June 21st – 10 AM – SWKLS Board Meeting Online/Registration Link


By Sara Wilson

June System Board Meeting Registration Open

The next Southwest Kansas Library System Board Meeting is on June 21, 2024. This is an on-line meeting only and will begin at 10:00 am CST. Please register for the meeting. This will give us a count of who will be attending to meet quorum. When you register the Zoom link has been established and the office will also send out the link through the agenda packet. Here is the registration link.

Reminder: SWKLS Retreat Coming in September

This is a reminder that we have our retreat coming up on September 26th and 27th in Syracuse, KS. We have a speaker lined up and it’s going to be a fun, relaxing experience! Come get to know your area colleagues, share stories, laugh, learn, and get away from it all.

Governor Kelly Calls Special Session

In a previous Wrap Up the likely hood of a special session being called by Governor Kelly was mentioned. At this time the Governor has called such a session. Below is the message, from May 29, 2024, from Kearney & Associates, Inc., KLA’s Lobbyist, of why it was called and that when in session they could take up other topics:

“About an hour ago, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced, by her authority from the Kansas Constitution, that she is calling the Legislature back to Topeka on June 18th for a special session to take up the issue of tax cuts. During the 2024 Legislative session, the Legislature and Governor could not agree on a comprehensive tax cut package. The Kansas economy has roared back from the dark days of the pandemic, and the state has over 3 billion dollars in excess revenue. Both parties agree a tax cut is necessary but disagree on the package’s elements. If they choose, the Legislature can take up other legislative matters, but tax cuts will be the top issue. We expect the special session to last two or three days. We will be there on your behalf, watching the activity very closely.”

Cataloging, Collection Development, and ILL

By Sara Wilson

Collection Development Inspiration

Adult Fiction

Children’s & YA Fiction

For All VERSO Users: VERSO Update

VERSO experienced an update on Thursday, May 30th. To find out what issues the update addressed, please see the attachment below.

For ILLers:

SHAREit Update

SHAREit experienced an update on Thursday, May 30th. To find out what issues the update addressed, please see the attachment below.

Packaging Reminder

For anyone who may have missed the email that went out about it: please make sure that you are repackaging borrowed items to return in the same manner that they were packaged when sent to you. If your patron returns something in worse condition than when they borrowed it, please contact the lender and give them a heads up. Thank you!

For Catalogers Using WorldShare Record Manager

Record Uploading Issue Update

I have been working with OCLC and Auto-Graphics both to figure out what is happening and get the issue resolved. I have open tickets with both companies and while we are closer to an answer, we don’t have one yet, so please refrain from copy cataloging in WorldShare Record Manager until the issue is resolved. While I am on vacation, Steve is continuing to work on the issue with both companies. We hope to have it resolved for you soon.

OCLC Contract Renewal Deadline

This is a reminder that we will soon be renewing our contract with OCLC and we need to know where you stand on how many units you believe your library will need for the next year. If I have not heard back from you by now, please make your wishes known to me by June 14th. I will be out of the office, but if you leave an email, I will get your request when I return.

See you when I return, on June 14th! Aloha oe!


by Christopher Dressler