• The Accreditation and Development Program is intended to encourage and recognize attainment of the standards for public library service in the Southwest Kansas Library System. All fully participating public libraries are invited to participate in the accreditation program.
  • Applications for accreditation will be accepted from January 1 – October 31 and notification of accreditation will be given by January of the next year. Accreditation will be valid for two years.
  • If a library board considers a standard to be inappropriate for its community, the board may request no more than one waiver and one alternate plan
  • per application period. Requests for waivers and alternate plans must be submitted to the System Director October 31 with the Accreditation Application.
  • The library service levels in the Library Development Accreditation program are adapted from those contained in 2020 Revision of Kansas Public Library Standards.

The Accreditation Application for the 2022 – 2023 Period will be done by all libraries, wishing to receive grant funding through the Southwest Kansas Library System, in 2021.  These Accreditation Applications will be submitted for approval, from January 1 – October 31, to take effect January of the next year.

Here are the next few years for the Application timeline and actual Accreditation Periods:

* 2021 (January 1 – October 31 applications will be accepted and notification will be given by January 1)  for Accreditation Period 2022 – 2023
*  2023 (January 1 – October 31 applications will be accepted and notification will be given by January 1) for Accreditation Period 2024 – 2025

Please return completed and signed forms to the SWKLS office via:

  • fax:  (620) 225-0252
  • email:  rbrookman@swkls.org
  • or mail to:

Southwest Kansas Library System
attn:  Richard Brookman
100 Military Avenue, Suite 210
Dodge City, KS 67801

Accreditation Forms For All Levels


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Updated 1/25/2021