Committees 2023

Executive Committee: 

Chairperson: Ronna Schmidt, Greeley County Library
1st Vice Chair: Laurie Petersilie, Ness City Library
2nd Vice Chair: Tammy Dickey, Kearny County Library
Secretary: Theresa Bach, Hodgeman County Appointee

Treasurer: Cara Vanderree, Ashland City Library

SWKLS Committees are governed by the Southwest Kansas Library System Bylaws, Article IX – Standing Committees.

Section 1.  Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee for yearly terms in the month following the election of officers.
Section 2.  Standing committees shall include:

Budget Planning Committee
A committee of eleven members shall be made up of five taxing county members and five contracting county members and one county appointee.  The committee members shall include representatives and from all types of libraries.  It shall be the duty of this committee to assist the Director in developing recommendations for new or revised service programs, and developing budget recommendations for consideration by the Executive Board.  The Budget Committee may submit supplemental budget recommendations for the current or following budget years.  The System Director shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Budget Planning Committee and shall coordinate meetings, hearings, and correspondence of the committee.

Budget Planning Committee 

1. Laurie Petersilie, Ness City Public Library – Chair
2. Amy Brucker, Hamilton County Library
3. Holly Mathes, Grant County Library
4. Joan Weaver, Kinsley Public Library 
5. Audrey Flowers, Meade Public Library  
6. Shelly Huelsman, Bucklin Public Library 
7. Royce Kitts, Liberal Memorial Library
8. Cara Vanderree, Ashland City Library 
9. Theresa Bach, Hodgeman County Appointee 
10. Ronna Schmidt, Greeley County Library 
11. Tammy Dickey, Kearny County Library 
Staff Advisors: Richard Brookman, Steve Andrews, & Tandy Ritchhart

Policy and Bylaws Committee
Composed of three to six-member library representatives and trustees including all types of library interest areas.  It shall annually review policies and by-laws for amendment and adoption by the Full System Board.

Policy and Bylaws Committee 

1. Candis Hemel, Cimarron City Library – Chair
2. Sueann Sawyers, Protection Township Library Steve Andrews
3. Sara Koehn, Haskell Township Library 
4. Sara Munn, Plains Community Library 
Staff Advisors: Richard Brookman, & Steve Andrews

Library Development Program Committee
Shall be composed of six to ten member library representatives and trustees that include public library interests. It shall annually review criteria for Library Development Accreditation criteria for adoption by either the Full System or Executive Board by October of each year so the criteria are in place before a new calendar year.

Accreditation and Development Committee  

1. Audrey Flowers, Meade Public Library – Chair
2. Candis Hemel, Cimarron City Library
3. Joan Weaver, Kinsley Public Library 
4. Jacque Sherrill, Jetmore Public Library 
5. Millie Deardon, Scott County Library 
6. Tammy Dickey, Kearny County Library 
7. Shannon McGregor, Montezuma Township

Staff Advisors: Richard Brookman, & Steve Andrews

Nominating Committee

1. Suzie Boschman, Dudley Township Library – Chair
2. Jacque Sherrill, Jetmore Public Library
3. Suzie Nelson, Kismet Public Library
Staff Advisors: Richard Brookman

Updated December 22, 2021