SWKLS Trustee Training

Trustee Training Presentations

The Trustee Training Presentations are derived from the Kansas Public Library Trustee Manual, prepared by the Kansas Regional Library Systems, June 2016, and endorsed by the Kansas Library Trustee Association.

If your library would like to schedule a date and time for the System’s Consultant to do a training session with your Library Board please contact Richard Brookman Jr. at 1-800-657-2533.  The presentation parts can be done in order or out of order and your library boards can go at their own pace.

If you wish to use the Presentations yourself they are available here in PDF files, however be aware that there are additional slides that have been added by the Southwest Kansas Library System Consultant that are related to his experiences in relationship to working with libraries and library boards.

Trustee Presentation 30 Min Pt 1

Part 1 is 35 slides:

This covers information about libraries in general, library boards, and their duties.

In slide 11 is left fairly blank, since we have different types of libraries within the System you will need to discuss your type of library with your board.  The different types of libraries can be found on page 8 and 9 of the Trustee Manual.

Trustee Presentation 30 Min Pt 2

Part 2 is 29 slides:

This covers how to run a meeting and what the board is there for in regards to the library.

Trustee Presentation 30 Min Pt 3

Part 3 is 26 slides:

This covers how to do a director search, evaluation, & termination.  Also has funding and budgetary information.

Trustee Presentation 30 Min Pt 4

Part 4 is 31 slides:

This covers Other Income, Technology, Planning, Public Relations, and Advocacy.

The last few slides of each power point are the same – they give information on National Senator and Representatives and how to find State Senator and Representatives.