12 Things SWKLS: Thing 5

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 Thing 5


Welcome to the fifth thing in 12 Things SWKLS.  This month we will be learning about OneClickdigital.  OneClickdigital is an electronic audio book service available through the State Library of Kansas.  Through OneClick, you and your patrons can check out and listen to audiobooks on smartphones, handheld devices, and computers.

The activities for this lesson are due September 30, 2016 at 11:59 pm central time and are worth 3 credit hours.  Estimated work time:  1-3 hours

Take a deep breath and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite pop.  This lesson is a little longer than some of the rest, but we want to make sure you have the information you need.

If you would rather complete an alternate topic, please go to the alternate topic page and pick one from the list.

All of the patron resources for the digital book platforms can be found at:  http://kslib.info/digitalbooks.  The State Library has has a Librarians Resources section which can be found by going to:  http://kslib.info/101/Librarians.


What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  1. Basic information about OneClickdigital
  2. How to signup for an account
  3. How to search for books
  4. How to download and listen to items
  5. How to checkout, renew, and return items
  6. How to find OneClickdigital stats for your library

Note: I know a lot of you use OneClick regularly.  If that’s the case, I would recommend still completing the lesson as a refresher or on a device you don’t normally use.    Lianne’s archived webinar under Activity 1 is also very informative even if you’ve been a user a long time.

If you get stuck and need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.


The State Library has facilitated a cooperative arrangement which allows all libraries and the patrons that they serve to access a collection of digital ebooks and audiobooks. Materials purchased for the shared collection by any Kansas library are available to users throughout the state.

What is OneClickdigital?
The only only audiobooks available through the state.  Contains mostly fiction, but some popular non-fiction.

Note: this service needs you to login through the Kansas Library eCard (KSLC) and do a registration step to create your personal username & password.  All other digital book services just use the Kansas Library eCard itself.

Exercises:  (Due September 30, 2016 at 11:59 pm CDT)

Tools you will need:

  • A computer or Internet enabled device.
  • An Internet connection
  • Your Kansas Library eCard
  • A printer
  • An email address

Activity 1:  (47 min)

  1.  Watch the State Library of Kansas Oneclickdigital webinar.

Activity 2:  (10 – 15 min)

  1. Print out the Digital Book eLending Pamphlet (directions on where to find it are below):
    1. Note:  This document is designed to be printed two sided.
    2. Go to the State Library of Kansas Website.
    3. Find the Librarians Tab and hover your mouse over it.
    4. Click on Promotional Materials under the Statewide Services section.
      promotional materials
    5. Click on the link or the Digital Book eLending pamphlet and print it out.
      digital book eLending
  2. Go to the Librarian Training Page and find the Librarian FAQ Sheet.  (This can be found under the Digital Book eLending Section.)   This is a great resource to study and keep at the front desk or your desk for any questions you may receive.

Activity 3:  (10 min)

  1.  Signup for a OneClickdigital account if you haven’t already.
    1. This is the only digital book service through the state that requires a username and a password.  For the rest of them, you can just login with the Kansas Library eCard directly.

Activity 4:  (10 – 15 min)

  1. Print off the OneClickdigital instructions for your device.
    1. Instructions can be found by going to http://kslib.info/digitalbooks and clicking the instructions link under OneClickdigital.
  2. Install the OneClickdigital software or app on your device.
    • (If you already have the app or program installed, but haven’t used it for a few weeks I would recommend updating or reinstalling it.)

Activity 5:  (10 – 15 min)

  1.  Use the instructions you printed off on Activity 4 to:
    1. Search for and check out a book.
    2. Download and listen to part of the book.
    3. Bookmark a section.
    4. Return the book (or return another book).

Activity 6: (10 – 15 min)

  1. Repeat the Process and checkout another book.
  2. You can decide whether you want to want to return it or keep it to listen to.
  3. Put a book on hold.
  4. Check to see how long the wait hold list is for the book you put on hold.
    1. How many patrons are in front of you?
    2. Also note how many copies of the item the State Library has.
    3. When your book becomes available, you will receive an email message and the book will automatically be checked out to your account.
  5. Find the recheck button.

Activity 7:  (10 – 15 min)

  1.  Find the OneClickdigital stats for your area
    1. Go to www.kslib.info
    2. Roll your mouse over the Librarians Tab
    3. Click on Statistics under the Digital Book eLending section.
    4. Open the Circulation by Zip for 2016 and Total Patron Accounts by Zip.
      1. Depending on your library, you may want to look at surrounding zip codes as well.

Activity 8:  (10-15 min)

  1.  This is the last section!  *whew*  😉
  2.  Take this quick quiz.  (Note:  the Librarian FAQ sheet and eLending Pamphlet should come in handy for this)
  3. Answer the following by posting a comment down below:
    1. Did you like this format with the lesson broken up into activities?
    2. What did you learn?
    3. What issues do you see patrons having with this service?  Or… what issues have your patrons had?
    4.  How many patrons are registered for OneClick in your area?
    5. How many OneClick checkouts have you had so far this year?
    6. Were you surprised by these numbers?


  • Tell someone about the service
  • Help a patron or coworker checkout a book