12 Things SWKLS: Thing 4

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Thing 4


Welcome to the fourth thing in 12 Things SWKLS. This month we will be learning about the Kansas Library eCard (formerly the Kansas State Library Card or KSLC).

The activities for this lesson are due August 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm central time and are worth 2 credit hours.  Estimated work time:  1-2 hours.

If you would rather complete an alternate topic, please go to the alternate topic page and pick one from the list.


All Kansas residents are eligible to receive a Kansas Library eCard.  With these cards users can access statewide databases and digital book collections anywhere in the state.

All your patrons need to have access to these books is a computer or handheld device, an internet or data connection, and a Kansas eCard (formerly known as Kansas State Library Card).

All libraries in Kansas, including school and academic libraries, have the rights to create, renew, and look up Kansas Library eCards for their patrons.


Exercises:  (Due August 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm CDT)

Tools you will need:

  • A computer or Internet enabled device
  • An Internet connection
  • Your library’s Kansas Library eCard admin login information (the SWKLS office has this if you don’t)
  • Excel or a similar spreadsheet program


  1. Go to the eCard Training Page and print out the Brief Text Instructions Sheet and post them by your library’s front desk or your desk.
    text instructions
  2. Watch the What are Kansas Library eCards Tutorial  (no audio, self-paced) or the Kansas Library eCards Tutorial with Lianne (has audio and video).
  3. Go to the Kansas State Library Website and find the Admin Login link for the Kansas eCard (formerly known as Kansas Library Card).   admin
  4. Log in with your library’s administrative account. (If you don’t know what this log in is or need help, please call our office at 1-800-657-2533 and we can help.)
  5. If you don’t already have an eCard create one for yourself.
  6. If you already have an eCard find your account and make sure your date of birth is correct and your card doesn’t need renewed.  If it needs renewed, renew it.
  7.  Create a card for a library patron who doesn’t have a card.
    • Remember to always check if patron has an existing card before creating a new one.
  8.  Take a 10 question quiz to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  9. Post a comment below with the following:
    1. What you learned this lesson.
    2. How do you or your patrons use their eCards?  Or… how do you see them using their eCards.
    3. How many total eCards your library has created



  • Print out Kansas eCards to give out to new card owners.
  • Check out the eCard FAQ section.