12 Things SWKLS: Thing 11


Welcome to the eleventh thing in 12 Things SWKLS.  This month’s topic is Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos through the app or service,  as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.  Instagram can be used in a browser at www.instagram.com, but is easier to use with the Instagram app.

If you’re new to Instagram this article explains a lot of the basics.

Libraries have started to use Instagram to share library happenings, new items, library pictures, and more!

The activities for this session are divided up into two groups, those that are new to Instagram and those that haven been using it for awhile.  If you’re having trouble deciding, think about how often you use Instagram.  If you haven’t used it in a few months or haven’t posted any photos, I would recommend completing the beginner section.  The activities for this lesson are due March 31 , 2017 at 11:59 pm central time and are worth 2 credit hours.  Estimated work time:  1-2 hours.

If you would rather complete an alternate topic, please go to the alternate topic page and pick one from the list.

If you get stuck and need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  • What is Instagram?
  • How to post to Instagram.
  • Some suggestions for new apps to try in Instagram.
  • Suggestions for libraries to follow on Instagram.
  • Ideas on what kinds of things to post on a library Instagram account.

 Exercises:  (Due March 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm CDT)

Tools you will need:

  • A computer or internet enabled device
    • A smartphone or tablet is the best choice
  • An Internet connection
  • An email address
  • Your imagination

Beginner Activities for those new to Instagram:  (60 – 120 min)

  1.  Complete GCFLearnFree’s Instagram Lesson.
  2. Sign up for a personal Instagram account and make your profile private or public.
    1. I recommend creating your account with a personal email address, not your work email.
    2. I also recommend creating a personal account and getting used to Instagram before creating a library account.
  3. Install the Instagram app via your device’s app store, if you haven’t already.
  4. Follow at least six people, six libraries, or a combination of the two.
  5. Comment on at least two posts on Instagram.
  6. Like or a at least two posts.
  7. Post at least two pictures with hashtags (#).
  8. Bonus:  Try out an app from this article or this one.
  9. Bonus:  Learn about Instagram Stories and share one on your personal or library Instagram.
  10. Post the following below:
    1. What do you like about Instagram?
    2. Which hashtags did you use in number 7 up above?
    3. How do you see yourself or your library using it in the future?
    4. Who are some of your favorite libraries and/or people to follow?
    5. If you did one of the bonuses share a bit down below about what you did.

Intermediate/Advanced Activities for those who’ve been using Instagram awhile:  (60 – 120 min)

*If more than one of you from your library are working on this lesson together, you’ll want to do Step 3 and 6  together.  

  1.   Read Instagram 101 for Libraries.
  2.  Read 20 Ways to Make People Fall in Love With Your Instagram:…
  3.  Create an Instagram account for your library if you haven’t already.
    1. I would recommend using a library email address.
    2. You can use the Instagram app to manage your personal and library Instagram account.  Read how to switch between accounts in the app in this article. 
  4. If you haven’t already, link your library’s Facebook Page to Instagram.
  5. Watch and read How do I convert my personal Instagram profile to a Business Profile.
  6. Convert your library’s Instagram profile to a business profile (optional).
  7. Follow at least two libraries that you aren’t already following.
  8. Try out a new Instagram app.  A few suggestions can be found in this article or this one.
  9. Read the 31 Days of Instagram Challenge for inspiration and ideas.
    1. Our very own Stevens County Library is also good library to follow to get great ideas.
  10. Post at least two pictures with at least two hashtags each (#).
  11. Bonus:  Learn about Instagram Stories and share one on your personal or library Instagram.
  12. Post the following below:
    1. A link to your library’s Instagram page or your library’s Instagram
    2. Who are your favorite libraries to follow on Instagram?
    3. How do you see your library using Instagram?
    4. What app did you try and what did you think of it?
    5. Is there anything else cool you have learned about Instagram that you’d like to share?



21 thoughts on “12 Things SWKLS: Thing 11”

  1. It is alot more convenient to post pictures on Instagram and then have them added to other social media sites.

    #redwall, #brotherbandchronicles

    post pictures of new books. to subliminaly advertise services that we offer (accu cut room, typewriter, comfy chairs to sit in)

    i followed stevens county and Library of Congress

  2. Stephanie Berning

    1. https://www.instagram.com/wichitacountylibrary/
    2. So far I really like the Stevens County Library’s Instagram. So many fun photos! I like that they’ve been using Instagram for awhile and it seems to be successful.
    3. I see my library using Instagram to promote events at the library and show behind the scenes things.
    4. I tried Quick. I think its neat and easy to use.
    5. I didn’t know there were apps for Instagram, like Quick.

  3. Jessica Dearden

    I made a personal account, since Millie created the library account.

    1. I like how easy it is to share to multiple social media accounts.

    2. First picture: #childrenslibrarian #scottcountylibread Second Picture: #newbie #ifeelold

    3. I think instagram will be an easy way to show the community what’s new, events coming up, reminders.

    4. I followed Salina Public Library and Hays Public Library

    5. I downloaded “Over”. It allows you to add text or graphics over pictures then share them on instagram. I like how you can add good looking text to a picture to draw more attention to it and quickly get a message across without reading the hashtags or description.

    follow me at deardenjessica

  4. Millie Dearden

    1. https://www.instagram.com/scottcountylibrary/
    2. I followed Cimarron, Stevens, Hanston, Liberal, Wichita Counties along with the New York Public Library on our Library Instagram.
    3. Instagram will be a great promo tool for special events, programs, displays, books, etc…. as long as I remember to use it!!!
    4. I also downloaded the app, OVER, haven’t tried it out yet but I think it will be a fun tool to use in promoting the Library!
    5. FUN and easy to use!!! Nice to be able to use personal account along with Library account on same app!
    6. I have no clue why this is in red!

    1. Millie Dearden

      OK…so I for some reason when I type it is all in red but when I posted it changed to black….Janelle??????

      1. I am not sure why it’s showing up in red, Millie. I am guessing it’s this theme. We’re going to change our website theme next week so we’ll see if that if that changes it. If it makes you feel any better. When I write replies and am logged in as an admin it shows up in red as well. When it’s posted it’s in black. So you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just a setting on our website.

  5. What do you like about Instagram?I think once I got everything figured out it was easy to use.
    Which hashtags did you use in number 7 up above?#PinterestClass and #LaneCountyLibrary
    How do you see yourself or your library using it in the future? It could be used for Special Events, new materials, Book Club, Pinterest Class and even Lego Club
    Who are some of your favorite libraries and/or people to follow?Scott County, Stevens Co, and Liberal Memorial, and Cimarron Library.
    If you did one of the bonuses share a bit down below about what you did. Didn’t do the bonuses.

  6. 1. I like that I can take a picture and share it fairly quickly. I also like seeing the pictures shared by others without all the extra stuff that’s on Facebook.
    2. #publiclibrary #topekaks #WKCAC
    3. I think we could share several things, but I’m not sure how many of our patrons are on Instagram. We can get ideas from other libraries.
    4. Stevens County Library, New York Public Library, Topeka Library, Hays Public Library
    5. I downloaded Layout & have used it a couple of times to make collages to post to Instagram & Facebook. It is pretty easy to use.

    1. The fact that you can just look at pictures and don’t have to scroll through so many shared links and advertisements is what I love about Instagram, too! I like that it’s more visual and you can just enjoy the view instead of having to read so much.

      Layout is an app I like as well. I thought it was pretty easy to use, too.

  7. I did the intermediate/advanced activities.

    1. Library: libraryhamiltoncounty (Dallie created), Personal: amymbrucker
    I posted one picture on the library’s and one on my personal with hashtags.

    2. I honestly haven’t followed libraries on my personal account, but excited to follow the system libraries now that so many have them. Have heard great things of both Stevens and Cimarron using Instagram.

    3. I think it is one more way to communicate with our patron base. I also think it will be great to have a fun outlet for posting pics and getting a little silly (may not do that quite as much on FB). It could be a great story telling media. And, I may see about pitching the idea to FoKL.

    4. I tried VSCO and not really sure yet. Learning curve and I got frustrated. But plan to try it out some more.

    5. The cool things I learned are from the lesson. Ideas for making Instagram fun to follow (shelfies-coming soon, 30 days of inspiration, engaging with comments). I tried the whole Stories on Instagram and not quite making it work for me. However, I now know why other people’s profiles are popping up at the top of my screen, haha! And I am glad to know I can go back and forth between my personal and library’s accounts very easily.

    1. I am excited to see your library’s shelfies! I am glad to hear that even though you have been using Instagram for awhile, you learned some new things.

      I still struggle with the stories thing, too. Part of my issue is that I don’t really have a story to share. So I need to work on that, just so I can try it out.

  8. Being as new to Instagram as I am I do have to say I like getting the pictures from those that I am following. And, I like the filters. But, I am still struggling with searching. If the person or place you are trying to find doesn’t have a profile picture it seems you just have to click on each one until you find the one you are looking for.

    My hashtags were #library and #librarystorytime.

    I need to get more familiar with it myself before we try it for the library. But, we may give a try in the future.

    I have followed Lane Co., Cimarron and Dodge libraries. But, my favorites are the zoos that I am following. I used to work at a zoo and enjoy seeing the pictures and videos of the animals.

    I did not do any bonus because I still need to be comfortable with the basics of Instagram, first.

    1. Laurie,

      I have struggled with finding certain people or places on instagram as well. There were certain libraries that took me a bit. It’s crazy how many libraries there are that have similar names and if the state isn’t anywhere in the description it makes it even harder. That’s one thing that definitely needs improved. Thankfully most businesses and organizations have a direct link on their websites.

      I don’t follow any zoos, but now I am going to add a few! That sounds like fun. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. 1. I like that it is strictly pictures/videos.
    2. I used #StoryTime #LibraryFun and #StoryHourWithMsDallie
    3. I see us using it to share things that have happened in the library, and also to post all of our canva pictures on there for upcoming things!
    4. I’m really enjoying following different libraries to get ideas on what we should post on our instagram.

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