12 Things SWKLS: Alternate Things

12 Things Alternate Thing

On this page you can find alternate lessons for 12 Things SWKLS.  Pick one from the list below and follow the instructions to complete.

Google Search Tips and Tricks
Clean up and Organize your Gmail
Clean up your Outlook Mail
Hootsuite – (a site to manage your social media accounts in one place)
Learn More About Facebook
Google Photos
State Library of Kansas Librarian Events Calendar
How to Take Screenshots

To be added:
Google Drive
Google Calendar
iPhone Photo Management/backups
Android Photo Management/backups
Webinars available online
Universal Class
Digital Books for Kids Available through State Library

4 thoughts on “12 Things SWKLS: Alternate Things”

  1. I choose to do the Google Search Tips and Tricks lesson and also the lesson Clean up and Organize my Gmail. Both were very informative. Google was a bit easier since I use that everyday with patrons however refining the search terms to do a more in depth search to find what the patron is needing will help and also specialized siste search will help when helping a patron. I am happy that I found time to clean up my Gmail as it has needed it since I started using Gmail. Lots of neat tricks in that lesson such as color coding your files.

  2. I also chose the Google Search Tips and Tricks. The quotes, minus, and asterisk will be helpful in narrowing down searches. I wasn’t aware of the advanced search until this lesson. The older newspaper articles will also be helpful when searching geneology. But, for some reason I couldn’t get short videos to run. And, I’m not sure what I might have done wrong at the end, but it looked like I didn’t get any points in the timed practice search. Also, I don’t play computer games so the games on Google didn’t interest me.

  3. I chose the alternate lesson Learn More About Facebook. I have been curious as to how to stop all the email notices I get about some message or response from a friend on Facebook. It bogs down my email and I really don’t like having to delete all of them. I hope I have marked the right setting to stop most of them. I also changed the setting that allows my information to be found through the Facebook page of my friends. I didn’t even know this was possible until I did this lesson.

  4. I choose to do Google Photos simply because I already have it on my phone! I actually had a neighbor help me one time with storage issues and he put the Google Photos app on my phone but I’ve never looked into it! I love how I can store the photos on my drive and delete them off my phone so they aren’t taking up space! I also like being able to move them around and create my own albums. I’m looking forward to sharing them as well!

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