12 Things SWKLS: 2018 Thing 5


Welcome to the fifth thing in 12 Things SWKLS 2018.   I have had a lot of questions about how to stay relevant on Facebook lately so this month we’re going to learn more about how to make your Facebook library presence more visible.

The activities for this lesson are due May 31 at 11:59 pm central time and are worth 2 credit hours.  Estimated work time:  1-2 hours.  Please complete all activities.

I know not all of you have Facebook.  If you would rather complete an alternate topic, please go to the alternate topic page and pick one from the list.  You are also welcome to choose past topics or topics from the first round of Things.

If you get stuck and need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  • How to keep your library’s Facebook presence more visible and viable.
  • How to view and find your Facebook Page’s Insights.

Exercises:  (Due May 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm CDT)

Tools you will need:

  • A computer with a browser or a tablet, smart phone, or other device with the Facebook app.
  • An Internet connection.
  • A Facebook Library Page.
    • You will need to be an admin or an editor of your page to see most of the items below.

Activity 1:  (15 – 30 min)

Note:  The articles below are from a social media company, so ignore some of the advertisements for their products.  They’re still good reads!

  1.  Read 9 Effective Ways to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2018.
    • Watch the videos embedded in the article where applicable.
  2. Read Best Times to Post on Social Media: 2018 Industry Research.

Activity 2: Viewing your Page’s Insights (15-30 min)

  1.  Go to your library’s Facebook Page.
  2. At the top of the page you should see a menu called Insights.  Click on it and then go to Posts.
  3. This will show you when your fans are online,post types, and also top posts from pages you watch.
  4. If you scroll down on the When your Fans are Online and the Post Types section you can see what posts have been popular on your page.  I took some screenshots from our page to help you read the results and see examples.
  5. As you can see the post on Netflix and Net Neutrality was the most popular last week.  It was a link share and reached 763 people.  162 people clicked on it and 56 people reacted, shared, or had comments. It was posted at 7:12 pm on a Wednesday.  
  6. Another popular post was on April 18.  It reached 1.1k people even though the engagement wasn’t as high as some of the other posts.  It was posted at 10:34 am on a Wednesday.    
  7. To see trends over a longer period of time, be sure to click the See More button on the bottom of the Posts.

Activity 3:  Comments and Review (10-15 min)

  1.  Post the following below:
    1. What did learn?
    2. What do you plan to change in the future?
    3. What seems to be the most popular posts on your library’s page?
    4. DWhat time and day of the week does your page get the most engagement?  Is your page popular during the same times as the article in Activity 1?


23 thoughts on “12 Things SWKLS: 2018 Thing 5”

  1. I learned that we are doing pretty well for varying our content, especially given that we are a 4-person operation with no social media department.

    Even though we post a variety of content, I feel we get pretty stagnant in the type of content we post. I would like us to post more polls, memes, and gifs to get engagement. Our followers tend to “like” posts, but not interact. We’ve been working on new techniques to engage them and occasionally we see results, but it still seems like a struggle. From personal opinion, funny or quirky posts get more likes and comments.

    The most recent popular posts on our page have been Born to Read pictures (cute babies, duh) and staff selfies (the sillier, the better). Like every other page, we get a lot more notice when a picture is attached, especially a cute or silly snap. We don’t get as much attention with the Facebook posts we repost from Instagram, so that is something to think on.

    Our fans are online pretty steadily between 7am and 10pm every day (between 300-400 people), with peak usage falling around 8-9pm. I’m not sure if this is helpful information, since that’s a pretty broad timeframe. We schedule posts, but we tend to schedule them during hours the library is actually open. We’ll have to think on our scheduling model.

    1. I also need to work on posting more things like memes and other things that encourage more engagement and interaction. We get a lot of likes, too but not many replies. Your video yesterday looked like it was getting quite a few comments and views!

      1. Caleb –

        I find the best memes on library related social media accounts. My favorites on Facebook are https://www.facebook.com/AmericanLibraryAssociation/, https://www.facebook.com/wichitapubliclibrary/, https://www.facebook.com/StevensCountyLibrary/, https://www.facebook.com/Ashland-City-Library-160090340691464/, https://www.facebook.com/TopekaLibrary/.

        Library and book related vendors and organizations also share a lot of good memes! Some that seem to share them a lot are: https://www.facebook.com/teilandmarkaudio/ and https://www.facebook.com/EveryLibrary/.

        A Google search or Pinterest search for library memes, library funnies, or something more specific like overdues will bring up a lot of results, too.

  2. I. I learned about how to reach more people. Some of the things they talked about was using video content which will drive higher interaction. Other things to try are Facebook Live , photos, and tags. I took the class last month on Google Photos and thought that would be great to add music to our video. Hoping that would lead to more reaches. On my list to try is Facebook Live as I didn’t try it last month. I am glad to find how to find the Library’s insight page.
    2. Take note of time and day of the week that my page is viewed the most and use this to my advantage.
    3. We reached 651 about the KC Wolf coming to Dighton tomorrow.
    4. Our most popular day is Tuesday. Which really makes sense as we have children activities all day and we post about things that are going on . The article talked about the best time to post is on Wednesday @ noon & 2 p.m. Also on Thursday 1 & 2 p.m.

  3. What did learn?
    The validation that Facebook was rewarding video content more these days. Now I know why you see so many static videos that really aren’t videos but really just one image embedded in a video for 30 seconds.
    What do you plan to change in the future?
    Probably the part about asking more questions. Even if you are just posting an event, you can always ask a question at the end. Such as “What excites you about this upcoming event?” Definitely will work on training staff to include more video content.
    What seems to be the most popular posts on your library’s page?
    Anything that pertains to a craft, both adult and children. We get lots of people tagging other people in those posts and sharing them.
    DWhat time and day of the week does your page get the most engagement? Hard to say, we seem to get the same amount of engagement every day. And the times are almost all day. Even when we dip down overnight we still have about 50-60 page views.

    1. Jessica Dearden

      We need to try asking more questions with our posts also. People probably just scroll by most of the time, but hopefully a question will get more engagement.

  4. I never actually knew nor cared what an algorithm is … I know now what it is but still don’t care 🙂 I’m really not too concerned about how it affects us nor when the “best” times are to post….heck we are lucky to get things posted in a timely manner…LOL!!!
    Our best performing post was KC Wolf @ SCES!!! Those are followed closely by our Tuesday posts from our programs during the day 🙂
    We are going to keep on doing what we are doing and when we are doing it 🙂 Our most active times are Tuesdays from 3pm – 8pm.
    I’m sure this is great info for someone but no necessarily us. But I did learn quite a bit about things I had no idea about!!

  5. Jessica Dearden

    1. I learned about actually finding information on how your posts do. I’ve always been to scared to really look around our page and push buttons! It is nice to know how to look up how the posts are doing.
    2. I like the idea of posting more funny things like memes or trying a poll! Sometimes we are stumped when to do things or if there would be interest so it would be interesting to see if a poll generated more engagement.
    3. Most popular seems to be the Tuesday posts from Read & Play. People love to see what the kids are doing at the library.
    4. Tuesdays in the afternoon seem to be most popular, but again I think that is because people are expecting the cute kiddo pics!

  6. Joanie Ellis

    We’re excited to try to Boomerang app! Our patrons really respond better to meme’s and videos, we just need to start doing them more!

  7. Joanie Ellis

    I learned exactly where to go to see our page engagements, we get more views/reactions during mid morning to mid afternoon! Our patrons really respond to videos/pictures/memes, we (I) just need to start posting more of those things! I posted a poll once and received a great response!

  8. 1. I learned there’s actually a “science” to posting successful posts!!!!
    2. I noticed our patrons busiest times of day are usually around 9 pm so I will be scheduling more posts to pop up during their “wind-down before bed” media time! I also plan to post more library/reading related memes during the week to “stay” on patrons’ newsfeeds!
    3. Our most popular posts are usually photos, they get shared/liked/tagged/commented on because their kids are in photos, therefore we get more interactions from a wider audience that may not have liked our page yet.
    4. Mondays seem to be our most active days but almost everyday 9 pm is the peak!! Otherwise Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 am seem like busy times as well! VERY different from the SproutSocial Nonprofit Engagement chart!!

  9. One of the things I learned is that having family and friends and employees share posts is really important. One of our most popular post was a picture of some students who are doing 1000 books before kindergarten. The key was is that the kids belonged to a large family. Another thing I learned is that we have to start moving to videos. This is something we need to change, and hopefully, this summer we will change. Our Facebook page is kind of bland with a lot of announcements. Some of our most popular posts are posts that have to deal with our children programs. Our most popular times varied from the times found in the Article. Out most popular time is actually at 8 PM MT. Even though lunch is popular our post engagement continues to climb through out the rest of the day.

  10. Jessica Collins

    1. I learned that I really need to try and keep up with posting on Facebook, because we I do we get a lot more interaction, with consistency.
    2. I plan to start sharing more from my other library friends and hope to start doing some Facebook videos/Facebook Live during our summer reading.
    3. Our most popular post by far was the article regarding how our internet is so incredibly slow in rural areas, along with the announcement of our library upgrading to new high speed internet.
    4. The most popular time during the day for our Facebook page is around 9 pm and towards the end of the week. But we do have pretty consistent numbers through out the day, so we don’t match the article in activity 1 exactly but we are pretty close.

  11. I learned that there is more to social media then typing a couple of sentences! We need to include more photos and try more Facebook Live posts. It seems that all days of the week are about the same as is the time of day, although the highest peak is 9pm. Could be the low numbers of people seeing the post, or not posting everyday. Lots of things to improve on! Our most popular posts were one of our Evening at the Movies post with a cool picture and when I announced the High School Art kids art on display. Our most popular time is 9pm where the article shows more lunch hour activity.

  12. Ginger Gibson

    I learned how to use the Insights feature. I had seen it before but never used it or really known how it could be useful. We use photos or pictures of some kind with most of our posts, but we haven’t tried video yet. I hope to try that with the StoryWalk we’re getting ready to implement. Our most popular posts seem to be the ones that include pictures of the kids. I think eveyone likes seeing their kids/grandkids! We didn’t seem to have a most popular day, they’re all pretty much the same. As far as the time, we’re like several of the other libraries. Our popular time is in the evening around 7-9pm rather than lunch hour as the article talked about. I was a little surprised at that since the demographic showed about half our people were 25-44 and overwhelmingly female, which would mean they’re probably moms of school-age kids.

  13. Laurie Crawford

    1. I learned that we are going to have to keep changing it up to keep getting the notice we want. Staff sharing the posts will get more engagement as a whole than the facility post.
    2. I think we are doing a fair job as a group, but we can always improve and we can brainstorm to get something new.
    3. Babies and staff photos get the most engagement and we also get quite a bit of engagement when we do videos.
    4. Our posts do about the same throughout the day reaching the apex at about 9 p.m.

    Thanks for the info!

  14. Stephanie Sonday

    1. Learned how to see when people visit our page.
    2.I will definitely try to share more of whats going on in our library in the future so people can see what we are doing more often.
    3.People do really enjoy seeing whats happening and whats to come on our facebook page. Especially the kids activities
    4. Tuesday is our most visited day. We have so many fun things going on in our library right now!!

  15. Laurie Petersilie

    1. I had no idea I could look up the statistics for our library page and though it doesn’t surprise me, I had no idea so much research was being done on this topic.
    2. I happened to post our summer reading flyer right before the library closed on Tuesday at 9 pm, mostly because it finally quieted down and I was able to sit at my computer and get some things done. That has been one of our best performing posts…yay! I now know that around 9 pm on weekdays is when traffic is highest on our page so I will try to post important things on Tuesday evenings.
    3. Not surprising, posts with pictures are most popular and reach the largest audience.
    4. Our page sees the most activity around 9 pm on weekdays, a ways off from the early afternoon on Wed and Thurs mentioned in the article. I attribute this to the fact that we are a rural area and many people wind down their day around 9 pm, either moms have put their kids to bed or the guys have finally stopped to relax for the day by then.

  16. Laurie Dinges

    1.) I didn’t realize how much was avilable to access on Facebook or how much was involved in using and enhancing a post.

    2.) I won’t be involved with much of the postings. The director will probably most of the changes if necessary.

    3.) Our most popular post has been the summer reading post and any with pictures.

    4.) Around 9:00 in the evening seems to be the most viewed post times, during the week. This is different than the one in the sample given.

  17. 1. I learned that we, as employees, need to do better at sharing from our library page. I also realize how horrible I am about hashtags. It shocked me that the best time to post to Facebook was on Wed/Thurs and around noon-2:00. It also shocked me about Instagram getting high traffic at 5:00 am. I don’t start that early 🙂

    2. We definitely have a goal to include more videos (wait, just even start them) and also we need to think about using hashtags.

    3. Post that have pictures of our local kids get a lot of attention, shares, and increased clicks. Information about our kids programs also get a lot of interest.

    4. We have pretty consistent flow of traffic throughout the day on our Facebook. Ours peak around 8:00-9:00 pm in the evening. Not surprised with our “moms” checking social media at bedtimes. This is not consistent with what we learned in Activity 1.

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